& Temples

Terraces and Temples is the debut collection of poetry by Marple based writer John Robinson. Written over the space of five years the reflective poems in Terraces & Temples deal with common themes of love and loss and are set against a backdrop of the natural world and its ever changing seasons.

Released Autumn 2021

If you’d like to know when Terraces & Temples is available to buy just leave an email address here and I’ll be in touch nearer the time. Cheerio for now.

    The book contains poetry like this…


    Walking time worn paths
    that disappear beneath my feet
    not even bird song dares
    to pierce this darkness

    the drapes of night
    fall as velvet on a sleeping mind
    sound is entombed
    my senses have failed

    across the heavens
    there are no stars to guide me home
    my compass is broken
    my reality run aground

    I keep close that child’s memory
    of gold and silver days
    when your laughter broke the water
    and gravity let me go

    Bird Song

    In the wood I sit and listen to bird song
    high up in the trees
    one Robin’s call echoes around
    and is answered by another
    and another
    and another
    they knit the tops of trees together
    with audible string
    guiding me with ancient sonar
    back and forth
    back and forth
    weaving in and out of my heart
    cocooning me in nature
    shielding me from dark skies


    As summer fell across the fields
    I heard your laugh above the Lark
    my little oaknut grows so strong
    your love it lifts my heavy heart

    In moments where I stand in awe
    of what a gift you are to me
    I’m haunted by what’s yet to come
    and what I might not live to see

    But selfish fears I cast aside
    to sit and plant a dream with you
    of all that you have yet to be
    and all that you have yet to do

    And when I walk into the dusk
    and your adventure’s just begun
    all those years of love will leave
    new branches pointing at the sun


    It descends
    and the land becomes flat
    simplified into two dimensions
    a deserted puppet theatre
    an empty popup book
    no buildings
    no angles
    no symmetry
    no design
    vistas untouched by brutal egos

    this is nature showing her hand
    her power to slowly strip away
    everything we create

    this land
    is now ruled by the tree
    ash, oak and willow
    branches like drops of oil displaced in water
    stab out at a missing sky

    waiting for the flicker of early sodium
    we throw lights into the distance
    looking for a way through the confusion
    looking for a clear road home


    Any time now I’ll wake from this dream
    and be there on the sands with you
    the best dressed Mum in the whole of Llandudno
    me in my orange vest

    Looking out to sea
    I scrunched my eyes up tight
    so that the sun on the water looked like a huge field of diamonds
    sparkling on a sheet of glass

    That year, at school I learnt that diamonds are one of the hardest substances in nature
    so I took one and used it to etch our names on the moment

    As my eyes are relaxed
    and the diamonds disappear
    the sea rolls in to claim my heart

    I go back to my sandwiches
    and you throw me one of those smiles

    About John

    John is a writer and designer from Stockport. He’s been writing poetry and stories since his school days and has had several pieces published in small anthologies and pamphlets. A keen interest in social history, popular culture and surrealism colours his work and his poems are filled with love and hope.

    John outside the Doctor Who exhibition on the Golden Mile, 1979.